What is a Goshiwon?

What is a Goshiwon?

A Goshiwon is a small and economical living quarters. It is inexpensive and doesn’t require a deposit.
Goshiwons also have private showers and are fully-furnished.


HABANG recommends Goshiwons for the following reasons ;


Reason 1 : No deposit
You don’t usually need to put down any “keymoney” or a deposit.


Reason 2 : Inexpensive price
Prices run anywhere from 300,000 won to 600,000 won per month


Reason 3 : Facilities are fully-furnished
Rooms are equipped with cable television, small refrigerators, beds, desks& chairs, drawers, and bathroom (sometimes there are community showers)


Reason 4 : All utilities are included
You do not need to pay water, electricity and heating bills. (as well as detergent)


Reason 5 : Convenient & Clean
It is conveniently located near the subway (5 ~10 minutes walking distance)


Reason 6 : Free food
Rice, kimchi, noodles, and eggs are always provided free of charge.

What is a Hasuk?

If you want to have two cooked Korean meals a day, why don’t you try Hasuk?
Hasuk is very similar to goshiwon, however, unlike goshiwon, you can expect to have two Korean meals provided daily. One meal is provided at breakfast and another at dinner.

Cost per month runs as low as 400,0000won for a month and goes up to 600,000won or more depending on location, room size, and the service(s) available.


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