We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services by introducing room rentals, and other supporting services to clients.

Company Services

Locate Residential goshiwon or hasuk
Analysis of client’s needs ▶ Search for Rooms ▶ Introducing Rooms ▶ Decide on Rooms ▶ Sign Room ContractWe believe that you will be satisfied with our service and we are always here for you.
Just contact us if you are looking for a convenient and comfortable room in Seoul to live in.
Airport Pick-Up Service ( from airport to your residence)
By bus, subway or taxi
Support Services
Accompany client when opening a local bank account / Registering for alien registration card with immigration.
An English speaking staff member will accompany you to the bank or immigration.
Buying service for basic necessities (bedding and toiletries)
Before you move into your room, you will be provided with basic household necessities like a bedding set
to help you make your stay more comfortable.
Portable pocket WIFI rental
It enables you to access the internet easily at any time in Korea.
Mobile phone rental
Rent a phone to stay in contact and be reachable in Korea.
Prepaid SIM card
You can use your phone in Korea easily and conveniently.

Fees and payment methods

Locate Residential Property
Plan A Plan B
Choose the room before you come to Korea on our website. Choose the room after looking at the rooms in Korea.
$100 $200
Depending on the location of the school or working place,
we recommend a room to you.
After tour of 2 or 3 rooms (same area), choose the room.
※ An English speaking staff accompanies you during tours of room.(free service)
Payment Method
Please pay in USD or KRW in person.
※ we do not accept payment by credit card.
Cancallation of Contract for Rooms
Fee for cancelling signed contract is $200

※ The reason for the cancellation charge has to do with Korean business practices. On your behalf, when you sign the contract, HABANG places a deposit with the owner of the property you will be staying at.
Thus, when there is a cancellation, HABANG must bare all the costs involved.

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